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Standing on the floor of the Luberon Valley in Provence, France, the scent of lavender surrounded me.  I took a deep breath in, calming my frenetic mind and cleansing my tired body. The dirt and noise of London washed away, leaving me refreshed, renewed and ready to start again.

When COVID 19 hit, we were plunged into a world of uncertainty and stress. No longer able to travel, my Provençal escape seemed a world away.  How could I bring that feeling of calm and countryside to my urban London home?


That's when the London Lavender Company was born. 

We use lavender lovingly grown from small scale growers across London to hand craft products which bring the scent of Provence into your living room.  Cleansing your body and mind with luxurious products and bringing the warmth of the Luberon Valley into your home.

London Lavender Provence
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